Friday, 3 July 2009

God always hears our prayers.

I Have a friend who comes to church with me with her daughter. She is a lovely lady with many struggles. As many of us do. She really needed to get away from where she lives and get a fresh start with her daughter.
Well tommorow she moves to a house just round the corner from me, what an answer to prayer. I ask that you who read this will pray for her and her daughter that the move goes without problems and they quickly settle in. That there lives will become more stable and safe.

What a great and loving and all knowing God we have.


Susanna said...

How wonderful. May the Lord bless your contact with her.

ms'er faith said...

That's beautiful. Hope all goes smoothly. What a gift to have close friends (of course, Internet friends are great, too :) ).

BECKY said...

Hi Clare!! Just wanted to pop in and see what you're up to, sweetie! Hope all is well, and that you have been feeling ok! Would love to see more cards!! Yours are always so beautiful!

Love ya,