Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Swimming. a mini triumph

As most of you know I have joined a gym a few weeks ago and its certainly eye opening as to how unfit I am and how weak my limbs have become - something I aim to rectify.
I had a health check and tried out some machines and got a mini 6 week plan. Well first week on it my legs just couldnt do the stepper and strider just no strength left in them :( All I could do was the cycle and rower and that was with great effort. So I approached my instructor and said I am doing aqua aerobics 3 times a week and swimming the other two with light gym work srpinkled into it, he was very supportive and said do what your body will allow and what suits you best.
Well friday 20 lengths saturday I swam 30 lengths monday aqua areobics and 10 lengths well Tuesday was a breakthrough and I swam 54 lengths whooo I say! I struggled at first to even do 10 then I added a few more and it started to flow slowly but surely and got to 54...Its a huge thing for me my muscles are definately telling me I have done it....
So I am going to settle into a swimming an areobics for now and gently pushing myself each time.

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nuttynurse said...

Sounds good, you need to do what you enjoy or it will become a chore and unenjoyable