Friday, 21 August 2009

Article in the daily Mail

Another very interesting article in the Daily Mail.
Really worth a read, it claims it can hold MS at bay at the fraction of the price of other drug therapies.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

A balancing act.

I have been up and down MS-wise, at the moment I am going in a slight upward direction.
I don't know if you have this same battle (MS related), but when I am feeling slightly better than usual I go mad and get all the things done I have not managed to do, then I pay the price with exhaustion and pain.

Is it the same with you? I keep saying to myself 'slow down girl you're going to pay the price for doing this', and I still do it! Then I get cross with myself.

It is indeed a balancing act that I still haven't got to grips with. Hmm maybe its the ugly face of pride and stubborness which I must deal with. I know I cannot do this by myself and God will strengthen me and guide me.

Also as I am on a ramble about MS, I take copaxone daily and I am being really good alternating injection sites but I am running out of areas which are clear of swelling and not painful.

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Refreshing time

On Saturday we got back from our week away in Minehead Somerset (Sat-Sat). John went to a scripture union camp (Sun-Sat). We all spent Saturday Night together and most of Sunday . We worshipped in a local Church in the morning then dropped off John in the afternoon, he was only staying 20 miles away from us. He was a little excited to say the least!

Weather was not too good at beginning of week but it improved as week went along.

On Monday we were looking around the waterfront when we decided on the spur of the moment to go on an open topped bus from Minehead to Lynmouth. The views were stunning but it wasn't a journey for the faint hearted as it was windy, very narrow and steep lanes and steep slops on both sides. It was definately worth it though..

Tuesday we explored the town we were staying in. Our apartment was a stone's throw from the beach and in the heart of the town . Below shows you where we were staying and how close we were to seafront.

Its a very pretty town and the seafront is lovely , its a shame that it was so commercial (so many takeaways)! I had my first paddle in the sea.

Wednesday we had a day out on the steam train, it was wonderful. It was like going back in time and we stopped off in a place called Watchet for a fish and chip lunch.

Thursday we went to Barnstaple to visit my husbands sister and family. It was a lovely day out, great to see my nephews. We went to a nearby park and had great fun.

Friday we spent the day on the beach, it was wonderful weather. Finished the week off beautifully.

We had a lovely week and feel physically and spiritually refreshed.