Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wanted to share this.

The Glories Of Creation

Through the woodland hear the echo
Of the birds that sing all day
And at dusk, amongst the shadows,
See the fox and cubs at play;
Badgers from their setts appearing
As the darkness veils the glade:
See the glories of Creation
In the creatures God has made.

In the garden in the morning,
As the buds burst into flower,
Bees collect the precious nectar,
Toiling on from hour to hour.
Spiders spin their webs of silver,
Architects and builders too;
Butterflies clothed in their beauty,
Decked by God with every hue.

Wolves and bears, and lions and tigers
Live in lands beyond the seas,
But the God who made the rabbit
And the little mouse made these.
Elephants that pull their burdens,
Camels crossing desert sand;
All of these, for His good pleasure,
In His wisdom God has planned.

Fishes in the seas and waters,
Creatures from the ocean deep,
Shark and dolphin, seal and turtle,
Each their place in nature keep.
Mighty whales with spouting fountains,
Swimming out so far from land:
All are part of His Creation,
All were fashioned by His hand.

Witnesses of the Creator,
Formed by His divine decree;
By His word brought into being,
Simply He said, "Let there be".
Thus beholding God's Creation,
Let us give Him all the praise;
Worship Him in awe and Wonder,
Now and through eternal days.

I got this from a friends blog and I wanted to share it.

the forgotten

My life has been made to change direction with the progression of my MS.
In the end my husband and I came to the descision that he needed to become my full time carer.

Not enough thought is given to people who care for others.
Its saves the government a lot of money for a start and it changes carers lives forever.

WE are blessed we have God in our lives and I am married to my best friend. Its not always easy for either of us but I am convinced it has made us closer!

We do need to stop and think about the carers, they are a lot of the time forgotten.

Friday, 6 May 2011

New symptoms.

I have been on a rollercoaster ride recently. My health is all over the place, but what is a little worrying is my memory.
I could not even remember my own address and phone number the other day. I completely locked myself out of my email account by using the wrong password too many times. (thankfully my hubby fixed it for me). I have forgotten my PIN number for my debit card on occasions too. I seem to get stuck in mid conversation with people so often now.

My head feels fuzzy, like in a haze - it is quite upsetting and embarrassing.

It seems to come and go, like there is pothole in the road, sometimes you miss it sometimes you hit it. I will discuss this with my neurologist later this month.

I am truly thankful I can feel the presence of the Lord with me. He knows what I want to say even when I don't in prayer. I can just sit quietly with the Lord, saying nothing in my times of confusion.

How wonderful is that! I am so thankful I am the Lords.

I would really value your prayers at this time.