Tuesday, 28 July 2009

God is always there

I really haven't been too well again, but I wanted to share a wonderful thing that happened to me on Sunday.

Saturday I was so under the weather (you know those MS things rearing their naughty heads again), that I mentioned to my husband that I didn't think I would be well enough to go to church on Sunday.
Well Sunday came and I really was not feeling any better, in fact I felt worse.
So in the morning I pleaded with the Lord just to make me well enough to get to church and hear His Word.
I got to church still pleading with the Lord, and as soon as the worship began I was well enough to sing heartily and follow with clarity the sermon - I even was able to write notes.
I wasnt strong enough to stand but my mind was clear.

Thank you Lord.

Monday I have continued to improve and Tuesday is even better, what a loving and comforting Lord I have.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Once they were seeds.

I am no gardener , but find it soothing plodding in the garden, gives me plenty of time to think about my Creator.
Everything in the garden has been grown from seed, so it has been lovely watching the seedlings turn into beautiful plants.
The Sun flowers looked stunning , its a shame they don't last long.

Look at these stunning colours , they are so clever at night they close up and in the mornings they wake up , and when it rains they close up so quickly.

The marigolds have really suprised me how well they are doing.

These have popped up in my border and are so delicate and the bee's just love them.

I have had a few suprises aswell as I am not organised and lost alot of the seed packaging.

So when my mum told me to thin out my tomatoes I replied what tomatoes as I thought I had planted some herbs, so now I am growing tomatoes..

This year we are growing potatoes for the first time and they have gone mad , I do hope there are some potatoes beneath the mass of leaves.

Friday, 3 July 2009

God always hears our prayers.

I Have a friend who comes to church with me with her daughter. She is a lovely lady with many struggles. As many of us do. She really needed to get away from where she lives and get a fresh start with her daughter.
Well tommorow she moves to a house just round the corner from me, what an answer to prayer. I ask that you who read this will pray for her and her daughter that the move goes without problems and they quickly settle in. That there lives will become more stable and safe.

What a great and loving and all knowing God we have.