Friday, 29 July 2011

The loss of my Mum.

I am not going to write in detail about my Mum's death , but I wanted to share how God upheld me through it all and still is.

My Mum died abroad whilst on holiday with my Dad a few weeks ago, it was sudden and unexpected.

I cannot explain the immediate feelings I had when the news was broken to me. But straight away I picked up my bible and sought scripture to comfort me.
The weeks that went by were filled with getting my Dad back home and then getting Mum repatriated. We were blessed that both went smoothly and as quickly as possible and the holiday company were brilliant in support and organising things.
I have two sisters and together we wept, sorted things out and supported one another. Our focus was to suport Dad and protect him if we could.
The funeral was this past Tuesday and it was hard but also made things feel final to me.

Many people all over the world were praying for my family and I, and I felt the presence of the Lord with me at all times even though at times I found it difficult to pray, read scripture and have quiet times with the Lord. The Lord completely understands how fragile I was and gave me strength I didn't think I had mentally and physically.

Below is something that was shared in our ladies meeting and I just love reading it.

I needed the quiet, so He drew me aside,
Into the shadows where we could confide:
Away from the bustle, where all the day long,
I hurried, and worried, when active and strong.

I needed the quiet, though at first I rebelled,
but gently, so gently my cross He upheld:
And whispered so sweetly of spiritual things,
though weakened in body,- my spirit took wings,
to heights never dreamed of when active and gay,
He loved me so greatly - He drew me away.

I needed the quiet, No prison my bed,
but a beautiful valley of blessing instead:
A place to grow richer, in Jesus to hide,
I needed the quiet - so He drew me aside.

I thank you for all you prayers and loving sentiments. Please continue to pray for me and my family as I am weak - but God is mighty!