Sunday, 28 March 2010

Quick update on my husband.

Jonathan went private in the end as its was a 2 month wait for a scan.( Thankyou parent in law xx who payed for it.)
He has been diagnosed with sleep apneoa and will have a scan in the future (on NHS) to double check on things.The scan is not urgent hence going back to NHS.
Futher tests will be done and I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

This and that.

I haven't felt inspired much to write anything here for a while. Lots has been going on but didnt really know where to start. So here is a brief summary:

Me - I haven't been to well but I have been plodding along steadily until I kept experiencing breathing problems. The best way to describe it is its like having a panic attack and I could not control my breathing. I went back and forth from my GP and had all sorts of scans and tests and all seemed ok, but the breathing problem just got worse.

I then went to a breathing clinic and was informed I have hyperventilating syndrome and I am expelling far too much CO2 when has a knock-on effect like alkaline blood, kidneys working overtime etc.

I now have diaphragm breathing techniques to master.

Also, one of my medications which I inject daily can make breathing difficult side-effect and my injection zones were becoming too painful, so I am no longer taking that. Which I am quite pleased about!

I will see my neurologist in April and discuss alternatives then. The Lord continues to keep and sustain me - what a wonderful God I have!

My dear husband has not been well at all recently and it all turned for the worse last Thursday. I was close to calling an ambulance out. We went to doctors as an emergency on Friday, he has been told not to drive until further notice and is going to have a MRI on his brain to check for temporal lobe epilespy. But the wating time is months so our family are paying for it to be done privately to help speed the diagnosis along.

We would really value your prayers for us as a family at this time.

Throughout all of this we remember God is in control of all these things and we must trust him more and more as He will never leave nor forsake us.