Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Once they were seeds.

I am no gardener , but find it soothing plodding in the garden, gives me plenty of time to think about my Creator.
Everything in the garden has been grown from seed, so it has been lovely watching the seedlings turn into beautiful plants.
The Sun flowers looked stunning , its a shame they don't last long.

Look at these stunning colours , they are so clever at night they close up and in the mornings they wake up , and when it rains they close up so quickly.

The marigolds have really suprised me how well they are doing.

These have popped up in my border and are so delicate and the bee's just love them.

I have had a few suprises aswell as I am not organised and lost alot of the seed packaging.

So when my mum told me to thin out my tomatoes I replied what tomatoes as I thought I had planted some herbs, so now I am growing tomatoes..

This year we are growing potatoes for the first time and they have gone mad , I do hope there are some potatoes beneath the mass of leaves.


ajoyly said...

The flowers are just beautiful.Congratulations!

Susanna said...

lol at teh tomatoes! We planted some sun floers for danile...but the only one that produced a shoot got eaten by slugs......I woud love a garden we could really plant stuff in. They planted potatoes at pre school and he brought some home today.

Moomin said...

Everything in the garden is lovely!And the photos do the flowers proud.