Sunday, 4 October 2009

Opportunity to witness

I had a very brief time chatting to someone the other day and it is very hard to talk about spiritual things, they can be quite hostile if I don't tread carefully. But an opportunity arose and I just went for it. It all started with talking about people trying to prolong their lives etc etc , and we both agreed it was because they fear death. Then I said to her "its one thing I do not fear but look forward to. For to be with The Lord with a new perfect body, praising and glorifying Him would be wonderful.

She sort of paused on the phone so I continued and said "death is a guaranteed thing that will happen in life. Our souls live for eternity where do you think yours will go? I know where mine is going because I have admitted I am a sinner and repented and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ."

So I didnt get much reply but I am grateful that I was able to speak up for the Lord, and I pray that I will have more opportunities.