Tuesday, 28 July 2009

God is always there

I really haven't been too well again, but I wanted to share a wonderful thing that happened to me on Sunday.

Saturday I was so under the weather (you know those MS things rearing their naughty heads again), that I mentioned to my husband that I didn't think I would be well enough to go to church on Sunday.
Well Sunday came and I really was not feeling any better, in fact I felt worse.
So in the morning I pleaded with the Lord just to make me well enough to get to church and hear His Word.
I got to church still pleading with the Lord, and as soon as the worship began I was well enough to sing heartily and follow with clarity the sermon - I even was able to write notes.
I wasnt strong enough to stand but my mind was clear.

Thank you Lord.

Monday I have continued to improve and Tuesday is even better, what a loving and comforting Lord I have.


Susanna said...

Oh He so knows what is best for us. How uplifting to read that. A couple of weeks ago I had teh chance to go to the mid weeks meetings but said to David' I will probably leave after the prayer meeting as I am so tired'.....yet by the end I felt refreshed and able to stsy for the bible study too which was a challenge to me over something I had been thinking about. Glad you are improving again- hope you are well enough to really enjoy your holiday time.

nuttynurse said...

Amen to that. My example is much more pathetic than either of yours or Susanna's but I was feeling tired Weds p.m and it was raining but I thought I must push myself and make the effort to go out, Kezia in tow, and of course I had a blessed evening!

Moomin said...

A good thing to record the mercies of the Lord like this and then review them when the going gets tough. Have a blessed holiday.

ms'er faith said...

been there--done that--thanks for the reminder--sometimes i forget how church brings me back.