Friday, 24 April 2009

A post in the mail- MS treatment

This was an interesting article found in the Mail newspaper, its worth a read and I am going to look further into this.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

MRI- Thursday

I am having a MRI tommorow on my pelvis and hip area. I have had a lot of pain in right hip since my last steroid treatment, its mainly precautionary, but steroids can have side effects like bone thinning and damaging/destroying blood supply to bones i.e hips etc.
Will update you when I have more to tell.

When I go through periods of times like these (pain) , I go to the Lord and ask for peace and help to deal with it, and God never fails me , even though I too often fail Him.
What a wonderful and great God I have.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

My holiday.

We went to New Word Alive holiday in deepest Wales Saturday to Thursday .It was held on a Haven holiday site and we were staying in one of the many mobile homes there.

The weather was wonderful, the beach was less than five minutes away, the scenery just made me feel so small and made me think what a mighty Creator we have.

The talks were awesone and I have had my eyes firmly opened about the story of Jonah which Liam Golligher led. Wow wow wow comes to mind.

And on Sunday I heard Don Carson speak pm, well words fail me it was just what the doctor ordered.There were talks all day but there is only so much you can retain and keep in.

John went to the 11-14 year old groups in the morning the rest of the day we filled with family stuff like swimming, go-karting, crazy golf, air hockey (ouch my knuckles),FOOTBALL, monopoly (electronic version you have debit cards no cash in this game lol), walks along the beach and cliff walks, oh my so much crammed in in a few days.

Went to some interestng talks about teenager-parenting which were very helpful and I brought the book that they were based on.

We had a wonderful holiday, the Lord blessed us with safe journeys and beautiful weather, and the teaching there was wonderful.

I have to admit to being exhausted but very happy.