Monday, 29 December 2008

A wonderful Christmas time.

We spent Christmas in London wed-saturday. It was a wonderful time. We all went to the London Metrapolitan Tabernacle for the Christmas service. It was a great message. Then we all went back (all 17 of us) for Christmas Lunch. Lovely food , great company and great conversation.
After lunch which ended about 5 ish we opened the presents. Just watching the children opening them was wonderful.
Dolly went around clearing floor of any crumbs after lunch, but it didnt do her tummy any good and the next three days we had a doggy with a troublesome tummy.
One of the people staying is a young lady called anna. I have chatted via blogs with her for awhile and at last we met face to face, it was lovely to meet her.
Now I have to get back on eating plan as I am piling on the weight. I am in for a big gain but I expected that and I will loose it quickly as I so determined to do so.

Happy Christmas and a blessed New Year.

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