Thursday, 4 December 2008

An eventful day

This morning I did the ladies' talk at church on the subject of prayer , I think it went ok. I always get so nervous beforehand.
Then I went on a walking frenzy , walked into town from church then once home i walked to a local supermarket with my trolley to buy bargain veggies. Now strangely my legs hurt!

Now to this afternoon. John phoned on his mobile saying he had sprained his wrist - we just told him to get home quickly and we will look at it, well he came home in floods of tears holding his arm. Alarm bells went off and we thought 'ohh dear A & E here we come!' There was little swelling and he could move his fingers but not rotate his wrist.

The first nurse who saw us said she thought it was a bad sprain but she would get the Doctor to look at it. The Doctor then said that it looked like a sprained wrist but they would do an x-ray just in case. Well thankfully they did as he has broken his wrist! He is now in plaster for 5 - 6 weeks and we go to the fracture clinic on Monday.

Poor thing! He must have been in so much pain but he put on a brave face throughout.


Susanna said...

Lots of love to you John and your are super brave. Hoping for a speedy recovery...can we write on your cast at Christmas????!!!!! Maybe you could make it look lie rudolph! I think Matthew will have us in a and e before we know it....he is the fearless explorer!

nuttynurse said...

Oh dear, how did he do it?

Yep, we will all def be signing it at Christmas!!!

Is it a funky colour?

Love to John XX