Monday, 22 December 2008

whoosh busy busy bee.

Well past few days have been so busy.
Thursday we made descsion to put our pet rattie ting to sleep. She was an old age (3) for a rattie, and I don't like to see animals suffer.
Friday I saw my neurologist , my eye sight is getting bad again in right eye but the rest of me seems to be doing ok. So I wont have to go back for another 6 months.

Saturday we spent time at my parents where both my sisters and family were there. It was a wonderful day and the children were just a joy to be around. All boys 11, 7, 3, and 6 months. John , Jake , Jack and Alex. They all get on so well togehter is lovely. We had great food , great conversation, great company it was lovely.
Sunday was busy , my husband was leading the morning and carol service in evening. We had guests for dinner and tea. The carol service went well and we saw lots of new faces there.
When I got home I think I was doing a fair impression of a zombie! I was wiped out, but it didnt take away the joy of the Lords Day.
Monday I went to bed tired and woke up just as tired! We were having our craft club social in the morning. It was a small group but we had fun and good conversation and some lovely food. Looking forward to the new year as we have a lot of crafty things happening.
I am now in bed , tired but feeling happy about the past few days events.
Tommorow I will have to rest so I dont make myself ill.

Make I take this opportunity to say have a lovely Christmas and a Great New Year.

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Susanna said...

Happy Christmas to you too :) Unfortunately Daniel is still poorly. Dr said he may have the flu. However, as liong as it doe not provoke an asthma attack we will still be there.I am hoping we are over the worst of it now.