Monday, 8 December 2008

Trendy plaster

Today we went to the fracture clinic , all seems to be going well and my son has a new groovy plaster in red , it was set with a bend in wrist to aid healing, it just reminded me of a teapot spout ! and 12 th January is the next time we need to go back and hopefully get plaster removed.

We then went to his school and had what they call a risk assessment for his return. It just checks things like how safe is he going to each class, can he write , does he need help with school dinners, how does he get to and from school etc. All went well and he goes back tommorow.

So slightly back to normal tommorow.


nuttynurse said...

Groovy Arsenal cast!!!!

I'm quite impressed by the school's approach and thankful for your sanity that he can go back!!!

LOL your word verification is broklimm! Get JDH to say it with a Jam accent and then you'll have a description of John's arm!! Quality.

Susanna said...

daniel likes it :)Thanks for sending him his own card- very sweet of you!