Wednesday, 9 December 2009

ECG and this & that.

Had an ECG today and it was A-ok. The nurse did it twice to make sure and it was OK both times.

So I'm not sure what direction things will go until I see the Doctor in 10 days.

But mentally I feel quite positive, physically I just keep breaking down from time to time and at times I am high maintenance lol..

I have a great and loving husband who picks me up when I am down, I have a patient and loving son, and I have a wonderful family around me - some closer than others, but all just a call away.

Most of all I have a Mighty God Who upholds me throughout and everything is Gods plan and I remember that He is in total control of all things. Don't you find comfort in that? I know I do.

Recently I have learned to be more patient and how to deal with frustrations in a Christ-like manner. I have a long way to go yet but I believe I am travelling in the right direction.

I have learned that my life does not revolve around MS - it doesn't rule me - it just changes my direction from time to time.

I have realised having a quiet day isn't being defeatist - it is being wise, and keeping well for another day.

I have realised at long last that planning and being organised reduces stress levels (this took me sooooooooo long to get, why?)


nuttynurse said...

Heh heh, cos you is human my dear!!!!

I love your bit about having your direction changed. It makes so much sense when you look at it like that. It also helps to know that even though your path is changed that the Lord ultimately holds the destination so to speak and you will get there by his grace.


p.s not sure whether I should hide your Christmas card or place it in pride of place, LOl!!! It occupies the mantlepiece at the mo :)

Susanna said...

yes- we had a giggle at our card too! AS Mim commented- love the change of direction bit- very true. As for your other realisations, you should have listened to teh OT when tehy were banging on about energy conservation...... hee hee. But seriously, it is sooooo hard to adjust and not to see your self in a defeatist light (especially when others around do not understand how thigs can vary for you). Keep up the good fight sister dear.

P.S my verification word is cared. How apt!

Hazel said...

Hello Clare, I was just looking up your blogs again. I was sorry to read that you have had a rough time lately health-wise and do hope and pray that things will soon improve again for you. Best Wishes. Hazel.

Moomin said...

hallo dear fellow human being.. When things are not going as I planned then I think OK so I am not doing that today or the unexpected alteration and change - so I AM doing that today! Glad that your ECG was OK and hope the MS hug isn't overwhelming you. Much love from the Moomin xx ps we have that Christmas card too!!!!!!