Tuesday, 15 December 2009

December Daily: A Christmas Survey

I saw this at BYGRACE blog and thought id give it a go

About the TREE....

1.When do you put up the Christmas tree? 1 st Day in December thats not a Sunday.
2. Real or fake? We have a fake one
3. Lights? What color?Lights are clear/white.
4. Garland? Silver
5. Theme or no theme?Silver and white
6. What kind of topper? Glass Snowman
7. What's your favorite ornament? Glass Snowman
8. What does your tree skirt look like? Silver tinsel
9. Where do you put your tree? In a corner of our living room. by the sofa.
10. Who decorates the tree? I sort out decorations Hubby tends to decorate it.
11.What's "under" the tree?The dog sometimes lol
12. Do you put candy canes on your tree? no, but chocolate bells

About the FOODS....

1. What's your favorite Christmas cookie? A chocolate one
2. Do you bake cookies and give them away? I buy the best bargains around.
3. Any "special" foods or candy that you only have at Christmas time? Beetroot pickle yummy!
4. What do you eat Christmas EVE? Not much too busy preparing for Christmas day.
5. What do you eat on Christmas day? Cooked Breakfast then a late roast lunch usually Beef and all the trimmings, we invite anyone we know who maybe alone for the day for lunch.
6. Do you like Eggnog?? Yuk!
7. Do you like candy canes? No but they look pretty.


1. Where do you hang your stockings? They are pillowcases on end of bed
2. Do you put lights on your house? We have a Christmas tree white light in kitchen window.
3. Got any outside lawn decorations? No
4. Do you put up a nativity (creche)? No
5. Do you hang mistletoe over the door? No
6. Got a wreath on your front door? No
7. How long does it take you to decorate? 2 hours lol

Are you ready for Christmas - yes I think so just fresh food to buy.


Susan said...

This was fun! Pillowcases for stockings - I could go for that! ;) Do you fill them up completely with little things, or is it for one larger gift?

Beef for Christmas dinner is different, too. I love roast beef, so wouldn't mind doing that. We usually have either turkey or ham.

Thanks for joining in!

Clare said...
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