Monday, 14 December 2009

Dolly the dog

This is her regal look.

I am very biased but I have the cutess dog in the whole wide world. She is 3/4 terrier 1/4 collie.

I am going to share a few pictures of her mostly up to mischief.

this look is come and tickle my tummy mummy,I'M waiting.

When we fill the pool in the summer she fights with the hose pipe.She does love the water.

She was orginally brought to be a companion to me when J was at work.Now she is everyones buddy. She is such a loyal and fun dog, she is just perfect for us, she knows when I am ill, she doesn't leave my side.
What a wonderful creation for us to enjoy and look after.

1 comment:

nuttynurse said...

Nice to know she is a help to you in a theraputic canine kinda way!

Shame Molly isn't so chilled but despite her neurosis she still gives Pom some theraputic cuddles (or licks)!!!