Wednesday, 21 January 2009

wednesday weigh in- 21/01/09

Weigh in again.
Lost 1 1/2 lbs this week which suprised me as I had my birthday at weekend and ate cake and lots of bad stuff.

Total loss 2 stone 13 1/2 lbs


nuttynurse said...

cake?????!!!!!! what a sin!!!!

Ha ha. Next week will be the big one then!!!

Clare said...

It was chocolate and huge and yummy and all gone!!! lol

Moomin said...

Half a pound, half a pound, half a pound onwards.
Hope the latest medication helps with the struggle
love from the Moomin

Steven said...

I saw your comment on the eye issue on the MS and Faith blog. I'm going to the opthamologist this Tuesday to follow up on mine. Most of my vision is back. I hope yours clears up soon and I will pray that it will. My first round of Avonex comes in the mail today! I'm excited and so not excited at the same time. Thanks for your encouragement.