Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Another wednesday another weigh in.

Well I lost a 1lb this week , so back in right direction, total loss 2 stone 8 1/2 lbs. So 100% on plan this week and walking further with dog will help.

Update on my MS

My energy levels are quite low at moment and I am in bed so early these days, for one it helps with pain in both legs which has raised its ugly head again and secondly I just have to lie down as energy has gone by that time of evening. But getting to sleep is a totally different matter and its driving me nuts. Grrrrr
My right eye isn't any better or worse , I can only describe like looking through thick fog and the pain in and around my eye is back. This pain stop me in my tracks as it such a sharp stabbing pain.

On a lighter note I have recently had a few comments on how well I look! I take all the positives I can and put that energy to good use.

We also have snow lingering about this makes roads and pathways dodgy to walk along but fun! Dolly the dog turns into turbo dolly in the snow it makes me laugh so much I think people think I am nuts!

Bye for now.

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nuttynurse said...

Its better to be nuts than a down in the dumps groucho!

Thanks for the update, it helps to know what specifically to pray for.

Lots of love XX