Thursday, 19 May 2011

the forgotten

My life has been made to change direction with the progression of my MS.
In the end my husband and I came to the descision that he needed to become my full time carer.

Not enough thought is given to people who care for others.
Its saves the government a lot of money for a start and it changes carers lives forever.

WE are blessed we have God in our lives and I am married to my best friend. Its not always easy for either of us but I am convinced it has made us closer!

We do need to stop and think about the carers, they are a lot of the time forgotten.


Susanna said...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to you both.

Moomin said...

Hallo to the carer and the caree. You are in our prayers. Much love from Moomin xxx

nuttynurse said...

true words