Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Started steroids

Yesterday was the beginning of a three day IV course of steroids for me. The cannula went in first time which so rarely happens...
As I was having the treatment I started talking to another lady having it and it was so interesting.
She is taking a drug called LDN she had to get it privately described as her ( and my ) neurolgist will not perscribe it but will support you taking it.
She said it helps her sleep and prevents needing to use the toilet 10 times a night. She said she is feeling so much better in herself, partly to do with having a good nights sleep.
We exchanged email details and I am going to look further into it.
The pill that is hitting the headlines has got a license but has not been passed yet by the UK. My MS nurse thinks it could be another year or so before it is perscribed and warned me there maybe benefits in reducing relaspes by 60 % but its side effects are far higher that DMD 's.

here is a little imformation if your interested about LDN.

Low-dose naltrexone (LDN)

What is it?

Naltrexone is licensed in the UK to help treat people who are addicted to opiates, such as heroin. Advocates of its use in MS suggest it should be given at a much lower dose than usual for the treatment of MS (10-50 times lower dose).

What does it do?

Some research suggests that when naltrexone is given at low doses it triggers a prolonged up-regulation of endorphins. This increase may have an anti-inflammatory effect which could be beneficial in the treatment of MS. It has also been hypothesised that LDN may be able to reduce injury to the nervous system by decreasing the harmful effects of two types of chemicals called ‘free radicals’ and ‘excitotoxins’ (Med Hypotheses 2005; 64(4):721-4).

Would be very interested in anyone who has or is taking it and the pro's and cons of it.


Hazel said...

Hi, Although I haven’t tried LDN myself, I have heard of a number of people with ME who have done so and have found it to be beneficial. MS and ME are both neurological conditions with many symptoms in common, so I guess what helps one may well help the other.

Moomin said...

Thanks for the information Clare. Some great advantages apparently.