Sunday, 11 July 2010

I have giants in my garden.

Atlast my flowers are putting on a spectacular show, but a couple of giants are stealing the lime light,

They are as high as our bungalow roof.

A few borders, I have been tinkering with, and even when I became very ill last week, I STILL got so much joy from them. The giants make you look up to Heaven and I thank God for every creation.

Look what my wonderful husband built, the fountain is solar run. I just love the sound of running water. He palnted smalle heathers inbetween the smaller cobbles.


BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie! Your garden is beautiful gal!! I know it gives you great pleasure! I sooo need some flowers around my home. We have pretty bushes and trees, but only some knockout roses that are kind of struggling!

I'm sorry to hear that you're in a relapse, Clare. I am praying and trusting God to bring a speedy end to it. May He give strength to your body and joy to your spirit, sweetie.
Love ya!

Susanna said...

looking lovely Clare xx

Moomin said...

Your garden is looking great! Lovely colourful blooms. Well Done the planters, the rain and prise to the Creator of them all. So glad to see the photos. Love to all from Moomin et al

Moomin said...

praise, of course

Hazel said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I'm sorry to read in your posts that you haven't been doing too well lately health-wise; I do hope and pray that things will soon improve for you.