Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sunshine .

Well the past few days have been hot hot hot! I cannot remember such warmth in the month of May.
We have fans in most rooms to keep air ciculating.
The pool is up and filled and Its just what is needed on a hot sunny day.

The flowers are growing like mad and the colours of some of the flowers have been a surprise to me as I thought I had planted purple ones and they are bright pink! Everywhere I am looking something new is peeking through.
Makes you marvel at Gods creation.

Mind you one of Gods not so little creations gave me a fright the other day. A spider the size of my hand came to visit me..Shudders! This is the little fellow after my husband caught him and took him outside.

I am still awaiting MRI results, I have an appointment with my neurologist mid June to discusss treament.


Susanna said...

pink is good! ;)

Moomin said...

What a brave husband you have
No arachnophobe he
Spiders are amazing creatures I tell myself!