Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Swine flu double whammy.

A little update on things.

My husband is still recovering from swine flu but is much improved.

On Saturday I started to become unwell and by Sunday I was diagnosed with swine flu. I have been bed-bound until today (Wednesday). I ventured into the lounge! Then staggered back to bed a few hours later. It has really knocked the stuffing out of me. I am taking a course of tamiflu but that has side effects! Nausea!!

Will update when I feel a little better.


nuttynurse said...

Hope you feeling better very soon X

ms'er faith said...

Darn it! You now have ruined my theory that MS is a protector against swine flu. I suppose I will now have to go and get the shot :)

Hope you get better soon!

Moomin said...

Sorry to hear that Jonathan has shared his viruses with you and hope that you feel much better soon. Now set him to be head nurse. How is John?

Susanna said...

get well soon clare xx love and hugs

Clare said...

John seems ok so far. xx