Sunday, 8 November 2009

Update on health, life and....

Shame on me for neglecting this blog.
Life has been quite busy of late.

Two weeks ago my husband suprised me with a 2nd honeymoon in the Lake District.

He booked the same hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon, and we visited all the places we went to last time.
We even got the same room and he never asked fot it!

The views were just stunning, the trees were beautiful, autumn is such a glorious season.

We went on a boat trip around Ullswater. Just a few pictures from the boat.

We also visited Lake Windermere. Another stunning place. The pictures just do not do it justice, it was so peaceful . The silence around the waterside was just amazing, a really good time to take in Gods wonderful creation around us.

This swan came up so close to us, and we just had to take a picture, what a stunning bird! I didn't realise how big they are!

After we got back from the trip, we were busy catching up with things. And the weekend was then upon us.

Sunday morning my husband was preaching and he was not well at all, in fact became so unwell he didn't go to Church in the evening, I went alone. Thankfully he wasn't preaching that evening.

He gradually got worse and on Wednesday he was diagnosed with swine flu. He is currently taking a course of Tamiflu tablets to help fight it.
They can also make you feel sick - which they did!! Side effects - don't you just love them!

One week later he is still unwell but improved a little. He has had to be housebound because they encourage you to stay in and reduce chance of spreading. But to be honest he wasn't well enough to go out anyway.

My health is up and down, but the Lord sustains me and has made me well enough to care for my husband and manage to do all the household chores. Isn't God great!

No matter how I feel , the Lord never leaves or forsakes me, what a Saviour I have!


Heather said...


I would LOVE to visit the Lake District, well all of England one day!!! It is a huge dream of mine! I am sorry that your husband has been unwell!!

Love, Heather

Heather said...


Sorry I spelled your name wrong!!! My daughter hates it when people do that to her! ;o)

Hoping you are having a lovely day!!

Love, Heather

Moomin said...

Hallo Clare! Glad you enjoyed the lakes. Might see them one day myself I suppose! Hope Jonathan is recovered and that you and John don't catch it? Good that you were able to be head nurse this time round.

nuttynurse said...

Pictures never do justice do they!!!

We are far from the lakes but I still enjoy watching Nat's joy as we take in the local ponds and their wildlife.

He can now tell you that leaves fall off the trees because it is 'Autumn'! cute

Thanks for the update! X

ms'er faith said...

Great pictures! Hope the swine fu goes away and that you don't get it, although I've heard a benefit (yes, a benefit!) to having MS is that we have overactive immune systems so don't tend to get stuff like that.