Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Looking back makes you appreciate things you sometimes take for granted.

As some of you know ,I have tried a few different medications and some suited me other didn't.
For example when I first started using betaferons it was trial and error with me.
Beta interferon was the first desease modifying drug I tried (every other day injections). I started having quite bad site reactions and my relaspes got more frequent and severe, time was called on that drug.
Then I gave Avonex a go. It was a weekly injection and to start with all seemd ok , even getting over how big I thought the needle was. Then site reactions got worse and I became tearful before each injection that my neurolgist suggested I stopped taking it.
Now I am on copaxone (daily injections). I have a self injector and very few side effects, it fits into my daily routine well , infact I am so relaxed self injecting now , remakable really as I was so needle phobic after I finished taking avonex!
Its been about 13 months now since I started taking copaxone, I am sure my relaspes are less frequent and I seem to recover quicker.
I am very thankful I was eligable for this drug as it isnt cheap! I am thankful for my doctor and neurologist and thankful for the NHS.
You sometimes have to look back to realise what has happened and how things have turned out.


Lisa Ann said...

Glad Copaxone is working for you. I took it for six months and had awful injection site reactions. I'm not taking anything now. I hope it continues to work for you.

Clare said...

I do get site reactions but not as bad as some people I have spoken to.
I dont inject arms as they show in summer all rest is safely hidden away lol.