Friday, 18 June 2010

Feeling out of sorts.

Oh well it had to happen. I have had a long run of of relatively good health.

I am loosing sensation in my right side. I am dragging my right foot a little and my right hand is so weak I can do only a few things with it.
And the exhaustion is so frustrating, I do something and then I am wiped out.

I see my neurologist next week anyway so I have not made and appointment for my new symptoms.

The Lord will sustain me no matter what. Thankyou Lord for being with me, even though I fail you so often you never fail me. What a Mighty God I have.


Susanna said...

sorry clare :( but so thankful for the good run you have had. Do you think the heat exacerbates things for you? I know it used to for some of my clients.
Will be praying xx

Lisa Ann said...

Your in my prayers my friend. {{{HUGS}}}

Moomin said...

Hallo Clare, Sorry to hear about the right hand and foot and tiredness - it is the summer relapse time isn't it? Hope that next week's appointment is helpgul. Marcus (Betty's son) is having chemotherapy for his MS now. And am so glad to hear you rejoice even so, but it is hard. Love and prayer from Moomin xx