Sunday, 28 March 2010

Quick update on my husband.

Jonathan went private in the end as its was a 2 month wait for a scan.( Thankyou parent in law xx who payed for it.)
He has been diagnosed with sleep apneoa and will have a scan in the future (on NHS) to double check on things.The scan is not urgent hence going back to NHS.
Futher tests will be done and I will keep you updated.


ms'er faith said...

That is great! I'm on Provigil for MS, but it is usually prescribed for sleep apnea or narcolep. Then I realized that since I've been on it, I haven't woken up during the night out of breath. So I probably have sleep apnea too.

Prayers to you - glad he got things done sooner rather than later!

Moomin said...

Hallo Clare .. Hope the breathing continues under control now and that you are not waking each other up at night! Love from the seniors

Molly Underwood said...

Hi Clare,
I looked you up and found you here.
Praying for Jonathan.
Blessings to your family of strength and steadfastness.