Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Update and prayer request.

I am really struggling health wise at moment, fatigue is so bad and sleep seems to evade me a bit of a viscous circle.
Both my eyes have been effected and vision a little foggy.
I am finding everything hard work.

I ask for prayer for me that my health will return quickly and I can get back doing normal things.
I feel like I am failing as a wife and a mother and as a Christian. Just mentally I am at a low,I value your prayers.

I know God is with me and will never fail me.


Lisa Ann said...

You are in my prayers sweetie.



ms'er faith said...

Definitely--hang in there! My recent attack lasted longer than I thought, so I'll pray yours ends soon. Get rest! I'm sure you're a great mom, too.

nuttynurse said...

Sorry to hear you are struggling. J&J know what you are going through and are able to fend for themselves if things are difficult so don't worry. Big J was trained well!

I will continue to pray for you. Hope having the inlaws is a nice break from the norm.

nn XX

Steven said...

Lord, give Clare the strength and energy to press on. Let her feel your presence throughout this exacerbation. Restore her quickly, and show her how you are bringing only good out of her struggle.

Susanna said...


The Lord knows just how much you can do- and if you physically cannot do it then you are not failing-you are doing your very best.
Check out the hymn I quoted on my blog today- sounds like you need it as much as I do :)

Lots of love

Anna said...


Shall be thinking of you - I prescribe cuddles with Dolly!

Young Wisdom said...

I pray as I write ...
I know you wrote this post some time ago, but it touched me and I felt lead

.Lord, Master, Healer, Refuge, Rock, Deliverer, Lifter of our Heads:

heal as only you can
our expectation is in you to change circumstances
We trust you Lord
We love your will
Give us peace that passes understanding
Amen and Thanks in Advance